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Mary Myers Library

The Mary Myers Library located within Temple Israel has an impressive selection of Jewish-themed books, magazines, music, and videos.

If you are interested in a specific title, author or subject, please inquire about it from our librarian, Michael Hurwitz.

The thick, white binder containing a hard-copy listing of the library's collection, will no longer be updated. The binder contains material added through December 2017. The only up-to-date listing will be the on-line catalogue.

On the library desk, there is also a white binder which contains library policies.

Here is the complete, up-to-date list of our collection.


For my latest pick, I am going to vary from my usual approach and mention a recently added title that had been recommended by someone else.

Shirin recommends The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel. This book speaks of the importance of time in Judaism. During the creation story with which the Bible begins, only one thing is said to be holy -- the Sabbath -- an event in time. Heschel discusses the significance of time in the Jewish faith in contrast to other faiths and peoples.