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Message from Rabbi Andrea

October 23, 2017

Moses and the 70 Elders

The Torah speaks of a group of 70 Elders who were empowered by "the spirit" to share with Moses a portion of his inspiration and his burden. These leaders were able to go higher on the "mountain of God." They were a bridge to mediate between the Most High, His/Her servant Moses and the People.

What a beautiful metaphor for people who are drawn to congregational life as a part of their own spiritual progress. I hope to see, be and co-create such a group of... Read More

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Shabbat Gatherings

Below is our monthly Shabbat schedule. Please visit our calendar for details on special Shabbats and exceptions.

First Fridays
We gather at 5 to get ready for shabbat or for the meal at 6pm, including candelighting, blessings, and Shabbat songs.

Second Saturdays
10am Creative Shabbat morning service, followed by Kiddush and conversations.

Third Fridays
7pm A traditional Kabbalat Shabbat/Entering Shabbat Service, followed by Kiddush.

Fourth Saturdays
10am Traditional service with Torah reading or discussion, followed by fellowship and Kiddush.

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Office Hours

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